About Energy Huntsville

Energy Huntsville serves the greater Huntsville region by encouraging energy awareness in the areas of conservation, renewable energy, fossil fuels, power generation, energy storage, transportation, building energy efficiency, and energy management. We connect energy enthusiasts, professionals, non-profit and for-profit entities from all energy sectors. We enable our members to find new opportunities for transferring their current technology strengths to the energy sector. We support future energy economy growth via technology innovation and entrepreneurship acceleration. And we promote energy oversight and control which protects the public and enhances the nation’s energy security.

We are a 501(c)(6) nonprofit organization and we are financially supported by our sponsors and members.


Mission and Objectives

Energy Huntsville is diversifying the region’s economy, workforce and business environment. We support the integration and collaboration of the government’s, the industry’s, the academia’s and the utility industry’s separate energy market sector applications and moderation solutions. The goal is to catalyze a significant positive impact on our local, regional and national energy challenges.

Energy Huntsville focuses on supporting our community in education and networking by organizing monthly meetings and annual conferences regarding energy market trends and topics.


  • Advance issues that drive economic growth, resiliency and quality of life.
  • Advance knowledge and understanding of energy policy, energy resources, technology and deployments.
  • Drive innovation in technological advancements capitalizing on inherent regional talents.
  • To become a nationally recognized Energy Center of Excellence.


Our History

Energy Huntsville was launched in July 2012, by the City of Huntsville’s Mayor Tommy Battle, to protect the space and missile systems industrial technology base by focusing intellectual capital and corporate offerings on the growing energy market sector. 

Our economic development mandate gained positive results for large energy-focused companies moving into the area and growing their Huntsville presence. Our membership has achieved numerous teaming agreements. And, we were an integral resource for an important merger between a local energy company and a larger energy company that allowed them to achieve their desired Huntsville presence.