About Energy Huntsville

The members of the Energy Huntsville are active across the spectrum of energy sectors including: renewables, fossil fuels, power generation, energy storage, transportation, building energy efficiency and energy management. Member expertise and activities include aspects of the RD&D pipeline, from conceptual and feasibility studies through to applied research, testing, development, demonstration and supporting of commercial, government, DoD and educational deployment.

  • By providing community and industry energy awareness in the areas of conservation, renewable energy, and energy oversight and control which enhances energy security. 

  • By transferring technology strengths in systems engineering, modeling and simulation, systems integration and data, and information systems technology to the energy sector.

  • By supporting economic growth through the current and future energy industrial base and motivating and enhancing the technology through education and promotion of collaborative networking.


Mission and Objectives:

Energy Huntsville is diversifying the region’s economy, workforce and business environment to include energy applications and innovations by linking the commercial and government contracting strengths of the greater Huntsville region with key customer requirements, market forces and national policy directives for advanced energy systems and applications. The goal is to establish this community as the go-to technology center for solutions to energy programs and projects.

Our History:

Energy Huntsville was launched by the City of Huntsville’s Mayor Tommy Battle to protect the space and missile systems industrial technology base by focusing intellectual capital and corporate offerings on the growing energy market sector. In doing so, the Initiative is supporting Huntsville, Alabama’s and the region’s economic growth objectives. The organization is a volunteer based non-profit collaborative with over 200 companies who are currently deeply involved in the energy market sector or companies redirecting their offerings toward the energy sector.

The Initiative’s ongoing activity is focused on supporting companies in three primary areas: Education, Opportunities and Networking. Monthly meetings are held which are targeted toward these three organizational objectives. Each month sees meeting segments including a briefing on a current market opportunity or trend, exhibits designed to education members stimulate business collaborations, and a structured Networking session.

The above chart shows the organization’s basic structure which includes the Advisory Board, the Board of Directors, the Executive Director, the Operational Support, the Strategic Liaisons staff groups, the Energy Areas of Interests operational subgroups, and a coordination function.

Our economic development mandate has gained positive results with large energy focused companies moving into the area and growing their Huntsville presence. In addition, a number of teaming agreements have been signed as a result of our structured networking sessions. Also, there has been an important merger between a local energy company and a larger energy company resulting in their achieving the desired Huntsville presence.

We are a 501(c)(6) nonprofit organization with sponsorships and membership support with the aim of expanding and becoming an important regional economic driver.

Energy Huntsville membership includes organizations from four primary community segments including Industry, Utilities, Government, and Academia. As a result we have important members from the city of Huntsville, the US Army’s Redstone Arsenal Garrison, NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center, the US Army’s Corps of Engineers, the US Army’s Materiel Command, and other Garrison tenants.

Our current MOU relationship with the US Space and Rocket center and their hosting of our monthly meetings is leading us to the ultimate goal of becoming a nationally recognized Energy Center of Excellence.

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