Huntsville Center, industry share energy solutions

By WILLIAM FARROW Engineering and Support Center, Huntsville Public Affairs, Appeared in the Redstone Rocket Representatives from the Engineering and Support Center, Huntsville participated in Energy Huntsville’s Energy Summit 2016 Nov. 15-16 at the Davidson Center on the campus of the U.S. Space & Rocket Center. Huntsville Center’s Energy Division earned the Corps of Engineers’ 2016 Good Neighbor Award for its collaboration and partnership with Energy Huntsville, a volunteer-based, nonprofit dedicated to growing the region’s economy in the energy sector…

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AMC chief technology officer pushes energy savings

By BRIAN BEALL Army Materiel Command Chief Technology Office, Appeared in Redstone Rocket At the annual Huntsville Energy Summit held Nov. 15-16 at the U.S. Space & Rocket Center, current and former elected officials, business and government leaders converged to foster business and mission success in energy technologies. Under the theme of “Energy is big business. It is also small business and a government mission,” the keynote speaker, Army Materiel Command Chief Technology Officer Patrick O’Neill, emphasized that operational energy…

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