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Tennessee Valley Business Climate Interview Series

Emerging Energy Tech Webinar Series

Episode 1: Safer, Efficient, and Connected

discussion regarding new technology that creates safe, efficient, and connected facilities.

Moderated by Vicki Morris, Communications & Outreach Committee Chair, Energy Huntsville and Presented by Scott Dixon, Distech Controls.

Energy Innovation Exchange 2020

Opening Remarks from Army Leadership

A leadership perspective on Energy, Resilience and the Installations of the future.

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Moderated by Dr. Grace Bochenek, Strategic Committee Chair, Energy Huntsville and Presented by Honorable Alex Beehler, Assistant Secretary of the Army, Installations, Energy & Environment.

On the Horizon: A View from Huntsville Energy Leaders

Why is Energy important and why Huntsville?
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Moderated by MG Kendall Cox (ret), Member, The Spectrum Group
Featured Panel Members:
• Bill Marks, Deputy Director of Office of Center Operations, NASA Marshall Space Flight Center
• Wes Kelley, President and CEO, Huntsville Utilities
• Dennis Madsen, Manager of Urban and Long-Range Planning, City of Huntsville
• Harry Schmidt, Senior Consultant, Alabama Region, TVA Economic Development

Technology Spotlight 1

Huntsville companies share their perspective on Energy, Sustainability and Efficiency. Corporate leaders will focus on industry’s perspective of energy, what is in their plans and what they are doing to reduce energy consumption and improve their manufacturing/business efficiencies. Intended to highlight business in the region and what they are doing on the “energy efficiency” front.

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Moderated by Joe Gehrdes, Director of Community Relations, Huntsville Utilities
Featured Panel Members:
• Stacy Cantrell, VP Engineering, Huntsville Utilities
• Jonathan Winkler, Chief, Energy Division, USACE Engineering & Support Center
• Stephen Feld, Facilities Workplace Strategies and Real Estate, Raytheon Missiles & Defense
• Dawn James, Director, US Sustainability & Environmental Sciences, Microsoft
• Brian Vick, Environmental Health and Safety Services Manager, Polaris

Technology Spotlight 2

Energy Security. Recent Federal budgets support increased funding for cyber and energy security initiatives, recognizing the seriousness of the threat against critical infrastructure, in line with the 2019 Worldwide Threat Assessment of the U.S. Intelligence Community, Presidential Executive Order on Securing the U.S. Bulk-Power System, and the National Cyber Strategy. This panel will address rationale, options, and solutions.

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Moderated by Jay Kurowsky, President and CEO of Aleta Technologies.
Featured Panel Members:
• Bryan L Singer, CISSP, CIPN, CAP, Principal Director, OT Cybersecurity Incident Response
• Chuck Speaks, VP of Economic Development, Cyber Huntsville/Senior Program Advisor, Strategic Program Development, Delivery, and Innovation, Intuitive Research and Technology Corporation
• Brad Irish, Manager, Information Technology, Alabama School of Cyber Technology & Engineering
• Daryl Haegley, Director, Mission Assurance & Cyber Deterrence, Office of the Principal Cyber Advisor to SECDEF

Closing Remarks by Army Leadership

Leadership’s perspective on Energy, Resilience, and the Installations of the Future.

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Presented by Mr. Davis Tindoll, Atlantic Region Director, Installation Management Command, Sustainment.

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