Join Energy Huntsville

Why should you join?

  1. Engage in a community-focused organization to expand both the scope of talent in this area and to share your talents with a like-minded group of people.
  2. Learn new innovations that could be useful for your company as it relates to the energy usage or as part of enhancing products you may be developing.
  3. Present some of the concepts that are impacting your design process for the benefit of educating others and to connect with people or companies that can benefit from that technology as potential customers or partners.
  4. Understanding new challenges not yet realized that may need your skills to address or to uncover a new potential target for your product or research.

These are just some examples of gains you may experience as part of the Energy Huntsville membership.

Energy Huntsville would like to extend their gratitude for our members and their continual support over the past 8 years. Energy Huntsville is in the process of restructuring and changing our membership pricing structure. Our new structure is designed to encourage and broaden our memberships, with individuals and companies who have a shared passion around energy, innovation, and impact.


• Student – $1
(More information to come.)

• Individual/Professional – $50

• Energy Huntsville Business Sustainer – $250

(Includes Business/Company logo placement and endorsement on the Energy Huntsville website.

• Sponsorship of an Energy Huntsville event– $300

(Includes:  company logo on event graphics and social media promotions; company name and logo on Energy Huntsville website; 1 slide from the sponsor included in the overall slide deck for the event ~ sponsor is responsible for providing a 1920×1080 slide to EH at least 2 weeks prior to the event for inclusion; and, hyperlinked logo on any follow-up PDF’s sent to all attendees that registered for the event.)